Basics Of Petroleum Refining For Non-Technical Personnel - Details

Where: LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE , 1708 Pittsburgh Street, Suite One, Cheswick, Pennsylvania 15024 (USA).
Date: 02/22/2021 - 02/23/2021
Time: 08:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Event description:

The program presentation will be made in four 2 hour modules, spread over 2 days. The presentation will begin at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on February 22. The first session will last until 12:00 PM, including a short break at 11:00 AM. The second module will begin at 1:00 PM Eastern Time on February 22 and will last until 3:00 PM, including a short break at 2:00 PM. This time schedule will be repeated on February 23.