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art1Refining Process Services, Inc. is a worldwide leader in developing and offering technical training programs for petroleum refining professionals. Over 10,000 petroleum refining and supplier company representatives from around the world have been in attendance at our various programs.

Training goals are increasingly taking on new significance as global competition and cost of compliance with government regulation are forcing refining companies to streamline. In this type of environment, remaining employees are often expected to take on additional responsibilities. Through on-going training programs, refining professionals can be brought up to speed more quickly and be provided with the information and skills they need to function. Benefits that can be realized from an emphasis on training are highlighted below:

  • Improve Safety Standards And Reduce Liability
  • Improve Productivity And Quality
  • Promote Competitiveness
  • Ensure Environmental Compliance
  • Equip Individuals To Assume More Responsible Roles

A listing of the seminars offered by Refining Process Services is presented below. All of the programs are offered in the form of public seminars. Most programs are also offered for in-house presentation at a client location. On-site programs can be customized to meet the requirements of the client company. These on-site programs are based upon the public seminar programs and then modified as required to meet the needs of the individual groups requiring the training.

  1. Basics of Petroleum Refining for Non-Technical Personnel
  2. Introduction To Petroleum Refining Processing
  3. Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process Technology
  4. FCC Unit Troubleshooting & Optimization
  5. Crude Oil Desalting
  6. Refinery Economics and Margin Improvement
  7. Crude Oil Distillation
  8. Refinery Troubleshooting
  9. Catalytic Reforming Process Technology
  10. Delayed Coking Process Technology
  11. Utility Cost Savings in Refineries and Chemical Plants
  12. Refinery Distillation: Operation & Troubleshooting
  13. Hydrotreating & Hydrocracking Process Technology
  14. Water Treatment for Refineries and Chemical Plants
  15. How to Blend Gasoline & Diesel In Refineries
  16. How to Blend Gasoline & Diesel For Traders
  17. How to Blend Bunker Fuel
  18. Steam Cracking and Olefin Technology


For further about any of the programs listed above, please visit the seminars section.  For further information about On-Site Training options, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 909-262-1757.

Calendar of Seminars

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