iStock_000004499723XSmallRefining Process Services has perfected the art of reactor effluent overhead line sampling (often called Reaction Mix Sampling or RMS) so that the difficult task of accurately determining yields from your FCC operat ion can be overcome. The RMS test procedure eliminates the need to consider extraneous streams or rely on product meters when calculating FCC product yields, thus enhancing the accuracy of the data. This technique is ideal for evaluating the effects of feed, catalyst, process and hardware changes. We can provide your personnel with the information and training necessary to perform this technique independently.  The technique has been advanced so that samples can also be withdrawn from FCC risers, riser outlet zones, reactors and strippers. The RMS techique can be used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  1. Determine Characteristics Of FCC Operation Before And After Major Revamps

  2. Define FCC Yield Structure To Verify Performance Guarantees On New FCC Units

  3. Quantify The Impact Of FCC Feedstock Changes

  4. Illustrate The Effect Of FCC Operating Variable Changes Such As Increasing Riser Outlet Temperature

  5. Determine The Efficiency Of Riser Termination Devices Via Simultaneous Sampling Of Riser Outlet And Reactor Effluent Line

  6. Evaluate Stripper Performance

  7. Quantify The Impact Of Adding Coker Gas Oil To FCC Feed

  8. Define The Impact Of Adding Feed Diluents To The FCCU (e.g. Coker Naphtha)

  9. Determine The Effectiveness Of Oil/Catalyst Mixing By Sampling Various Points In The Riser

  10. Evaluate The Effect Of Adding More Resid To The Feed

Reaction Mix Sampling Test Runs have been performed at forty-five different refining locations around the world, including refineries in Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Europe.


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